Women’s Health

Women's Health

Clearwater Medical is dedicated to continuing to improve women's health and providing the services you need to take care of yourself. From yearly exams to more complex procedures, our caring and compassionate doctors provide a personalized treatment plan for you.

Contraception & Birth Control

There are many different safe and effective methods of preventing pregnancy available. Make an appointment with one of our healthcare professionals to discuss which option fits your needs and lifestyle best.

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Menopause treatment can take a multipronged approach that includes diet changes, medication, and exercise. Learn about menopause treatment options and let our healthcare professionals help you start feeling like you again.

Physicals & General Care

From the first gynecology exam for teens to the special needs of young women and on through the postmenopausal years, our caring and compassionate staff provides the best in medical care. We can help with routine exams and tests such as a Pap Smear as well as sensitive matters such as Family Planning, STD screenings and gynecological conditions.


From Cervical Cancer Screenings (Pap Smears) to Mammograms, Bone Density and screenings for STDs, our goal is to help you stay healthy.

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Although osteoporosis cannot be reversed, it can be prevented and treated in a variety of ways. Your trusted health professionals at Clearwater Medical can provide an osteoporosis overview and give you expert advice on the many types of osteoporosis treatment.

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